Equatorial Sistemas was created in 1996 in order to assure the continuity of the CBERS1,2 WFI (China Brazil Earth resources Satellite 1,2 Wide Field Imager) contract under ESCA S.A. a company that went bankrupt in 1995. The WFI-CBERS contract was the first contract in Brazil issued to a private company that included the complete development cycle starting from subsystem specifications. Three FM were delivered for CBERS1,2 and 2B. Equatorial has been contracted for qualification of all Power Supply Subsystem (12 equipment) manufactured by companies that did not have past space experience.

In 1998 Equatorial Sistemas was contracted by Matra Marconi Space (now EADS-Astrium) to manufacture all the electrical equipment for the HSB (Humidity Sounder for Brazil) and to develop a new Video Amplifier, besides the complete Instrument EGSE (Electric Ground Support Equipment). The Instrument was delivered to TRW in USA for AIT in the satellite named AQUA (NASA). The HSB carried the PEU (Processing Electronics Unit) which is micro-processed equipment, the first to be developed in Brazil by a private company.

Equatorial Sistemas was pioneer in the development of micro thrusters for hydrazine propulsion. In 2003, Equatorial Sistemas transferred the Propulsion Technology to Fibra Forte a local company that is currently supplying to MMP (Multi Mission Platform-INPE).

Equatorial Sistemas was contracted by INPE to undertake system engineering studies regarding CBERS 3 & 4 mission, successors to the first CBERS mission. A complete report on the feasibility of the new mission was delivered and used to generate CBERS 3 & 4 system specifications.

Equatorial Sistemas has developed its own Thermal Analysis software and is the only local source of this expertise.

Equatorial Sistemas is currently the most experienced Brazilian company in the space segment.


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